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More Kisses for Keaton – Smiling Eyes Photographer

November 3, 2013

I’m going to share some of the courageous words shared by Kiki’s mom over the past few months. If you want to follow Kiki’s story as told by Steph and some of the other people who love her, check out their Facebook page,

Kisses for Keaton
September 1
Keaton didn’t have a choice on whether she lost her hair, I do, and it’s the only thing I can do to “understand” what she’s going through. I can show my other daughter and other little girls that no matter what we look like we are still the same person. There is too much emphasis on our looks, trust me, I like to take care of myself like any other woman which is why this is so scary for me. But when I put it into perspective, Keaton has been through MUCH scarier things, hair is hair and we’re just so lucky to still have her on this earth, that being said does hair really matter? – Stephanie Reid

Kisses for Keaton
August 29 via mobile
I often wonder where I would be if Keaton hadn’t have been diagnosed with cancer. If you can believe it I don’t think my life would be as meaningful, as full of love or as exciting. She has taught me how to live again and look at life differently. – Stephanie Reid

Kisses for Keaton
August 17
Finally got an hour to myself to reflect on this last week. I am in awe of Keaton and her strength. This child takes on anything with a fight that I can’t even begin to describe. Her power affects all those who come in contact with her.
On Friday (her last day of chemo for the week) she took off running into the hospital with a giant smile on her face. I watched her run with a spirit that I have never had but can only dream to have. I stepped back and let her lead me through the hospital. As soon as we got off the elevator, she instantly stopped at a room that had a baby crying. Without missing a beat she went into the room, touched the baby’s hand and said “don’t cry, it ok!”
My eyes met the other moms and both our eyes filled with tears. The little boy stopped crying, looked over at Keaton and smiled. The feeling that filled the room was indescribable. And with that she was off…off running again!
The next stop. The cancer clinic. Keaton could find this place unfortunately with her eyes closed! She went running in and yelled, “I here!
Everyone in the clinic stopped and smiled at her. She has no fear, no sadness and has not complained once this week. I hold all of those feelings for her… She’s free + I wouldn’t have it any other way!
This week she has had a total of 5 IV chemos, 5 oral chemos and one chemo injected into her spine….but she’s done it all with a smile on her face. Most days it’s that smile that keeps me going!
Thank you for all your continued support! – Stephanie Reid

Kisses for Keaton
July 21 near Toronto, Ontario via mobile
The simplicity and innocence of children is astounding. While talking to Mika about Keaton’s hair-loss, she looked at me and said she will still be the same Kiki and we can just ask the hair fairy to bring her some new hair. While I would take the cancer away in a second I would never erase the bond it has created. – Stephanie Reid

Keep up the strength and especially the love you guys! You are all an incredible inspiration to the people around you. Love you lots! xo


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  1. Pam Ellis says:

    My name is Pam Ellis and I am a friend of Stephanie Reid. I am doing up keepsake albums (scrapbooks) for Kiki and her family. I saw Kisses for Keaton and like everyone else my heart broke. I wanted to do something special for the family so I asked Stephanie if she would like her journey through Kiki’s life documented through photos and words in the form of albums to which I got a resounding yes! Your photos are gorgeous of the family and would be perfect for the album. Stephanie keeps meaning to load photos onto a USB and forward them but she is constantly in a battle and hasn’t been able to pull one together. I have been scrapping photos taken from her blog then posting the layouts on mine blog as well as hers. When the first album is complete (i’m sure there will be a few) I will bring it down to Toronto to give to her. I live in Gravenhurst. You can speak to Stephanie about this I just thought it might save her the hassle of having to take the time to pull together a photo USB with all she is going thru. Please look through my blog you have to go back a bit to catch the intro to Kisses for Keaton but she is there. I also just finished a contest where scrap friends from around the world had a chance to win a gift from me if they popped over to Kisses for Keaton and sent some love. It turned out nicely. Please let me know what you think and if it is possible to help Stephanie get these photos to me and into an album. Your work is gorgeous I’m sorry we don’t live closer I would have loved if you did my daughter’s pregnancy photos! The photographer here was unavailable and she didn’t get any. She is due in a week now anyways. Next time! All the best!
    Pam Ellis

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