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My Family Love – DK Focus, Photos By Holly and Click Photography

October 30, 2013

I count my lucky stars for the friends I’ve made along the way. Dave, Holly and Chris are all incredibly talented and inspirational photographers, as well they are true friends!
This year has been a full one for me. Lots of ups and downs, tremendously happy times and very sad times. All I know is that I’m over the moon to have these images to remember the best part, my family, my love!

First up is our winter wonderland. Dave was kind enough to come out with me one cold winter morning to snap a few of me and my girl. Winter is my favourite time of year mainly because I have a little more time to spend with Em. One day I will reminisce about the afternoon skiing, tubing, skating and trips to the bookstore with a warm hot cocoa and the sweetest girl I ever did meet. Thanks Dave (DK Focus)! xo


About 28 weeks ago we found out there’s a baby on the way and I felt the need to document our family of three (pre-baby bump) one last time. Holly captured it perfectly and gave me the best image to share our big news with everyone! Holly definitely has a way with kids, I just love how she saw the quirkiness in Em and let it shine. Thanks Holly (Photos by Holly)! xo

As a photographer, I’ve always wanted to do a gender reveal session. I knew Chris would be just as excited to be part of a gender reveal for us. I love that she was up for a trip to Grand Bend to make the images that much more meaningful. The two weeks leading up to this photo shoot were the longest weeks ever. Finding out that we are having a baby boy was definitely a moment to remember. Em’s reaction was priceless. She said “See mom, I told you it’s a boy, I wasn’t fibbing. I’m awesome!”. That will always be a story to tell and I have the images to go along side the story. Ain’t nothing better. Thanks Chris (Click Photography)! xo

As you can see, I’m pretty lucky. Lucky to have such amazing friends who capture these memories so beautifully. Lucky to have so many wonderful moments to remember. Lucky to have so much love in my life.

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