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I'm a passionate photographer, eternal romantic, big city and bright lights kinda gal, an unschooling mama, a curvy fashion lover, a believer in good, a glasses wearing hygge (pro-nounced hue-guh) loving homebody, an ice cream aficionado, a curious and determined growth edge seeker, an ally, a wannabe interior designer, inspired by connection, fuelled by friendships, laid-back nouveaux-summer-enthusiast, loyal wife, mother, daughter and sister, oh and I can't forget dog and plant mama. 
I am many things and so are you. I take a lot of photos to try to tell some of that beautiful, messy, mixed up and magical story because your people want to know it all! 

I'm Alicia.


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It’s really important that we make your images authentic. The connections you make with people, your loved ones, are the foundation of your story. I want to capture those connections. Learning about your every day moments, your favourite pastimes and your bucket list dreams tell me a lot, so feel free to indulge me when you shoot me an email. I can't wait to hear what lights you up!

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"There are not enough words to describe how happy we are with Alicia and how grateful we are that she was the one to capture our big day. We first encountered Alicia and her talent at our friends’ wedding the previous summer and were thrilled when she expressed an interest in travelling to New York City to photograph ours. She is a true talent with the loveliest demeanour, allowing her to bring out the best in her “subjects.” We had no previous experience taking professional photos and her keen eye, extensive knowledge, and friendly guidance resulted in the most beautiful photos. It’s sometimes hard to believe we are the two people appearing in these pictures!" - Steph

“Wow. I have no words. Like zero. Absolutely none. Our hearts were so full looking at our pictures. I wasn’t sure I could manage my way through them, but it actually gave me comfort to know that I will always have those memories. Because of you, and your kindness in coming to shoot our day - our very unique day. I can’t thank you enough. We are beyond blessed to know you.
So so so much love to you, for this beautiful gift.” - Kim

"WOW~ dreams..... soooo grateful to have this documented - Alicia YOU DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Nikki

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I am so excited to learn about you and your business. Together we can create and capture images that will tell the world what you're made for! Whether hosting an event, in need of content creation for social media, searching for a shiny new headshot, I've got you!
Reach out, I can't wait to chat. 

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