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Top 5 Tips for Grooms-To-Be

January 23, 2022

A few weeks back, I did a blog post on my “Top 5 Tips for Brides To Be”, and I just couldn’t leave your other halves hanging. As promised, here are my Top 5 Tips For Grooms-To-Be. You may notice some overlap, but many of these tips are interchangeable and are meant for both of you to have an amazing day overall.

Grooms, your wedding day is definitely one to remember and cherish for a lifetime. Here are my top 5 tips to have fun, be at ease, and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest extent.

Top 5 Tips for Grooms


Get Ready With Your Closest Friends & Family

The small moments leading up to saying “I Do” are a great time to spend with your closest friends and family members before embarking on this new chapter of your life. In my experience of photographing weddings, a lot of grooms decide to forgo taking pictures prior to the event.

Unwind, have a drink, go for a dip in the lake, maybe even play some pool. Do some last-minute bonding with your nearest and dearest and reminisce on years leading up to this memorable day.

Top 5 Tips for Grooms

Be Creative With Locations

Choose a getting-ready location that is super fun and creative, like Maja and Vince (Vince and his groomsmen photographer above), with their beautiful choice of a castle…with a pool table.

Maja and Vince did a great job selecting a location to get ready at and snapped photos with their closest friends and family prior to heading out to their wedding venue, The Ancaster Mill. This will make the experience fun for everyone, leave an impression, and you’ll end up with some pretty unforgettable memories and photos to cherish for a lifetime.

Some other fun location ideas are a cabin, a snazzy hotel room, or an interesting, out-of-the-box Airbnb like this castle.

Have Fun With Your Suit Selection

A fun way to customize your wedding experience is to invest in a custom suit. If you’re looking to jazz up your wedding day attire, experiment with fun or unique fabrics for the lining of your suit jacket. A pattern, a pop of colour or even take it a step further and add in a special message, the date of your wedding or even your partner’s name.

Some other snazzy custom pieces can include, shoes, ties, and pocket squares.

Set Time For A First Look

Top 5 Tips for Grooms-To-Be

Once you walk down the aisle and say “I Do” with your partner, you will most likely be getting pulled in every other direction for the rest of the day. Snapping photos with family members, saying thank you to your guests, which leaves you very little time to have those intimate moments with your partner. Before you head down the aisle, you and your partner should sneak away for a first look or portrait session. You will both get to enjoy each other’s time prior to the hustle and bustle and enjoy a special intimate moment like no other. 

If a first look isn’t your vibe, you can always plan to sneak away at sunset for a quick 10 minute photo shoot, or do both, I won’t mind and you’ll be happy to have these memories to look back on for years to come.

Remember Why You’re Having a Party In The First Place…Have Fun!

Top 5 Tips for Grooms-To-Be

As mentioned in my previous Brides Blog post, together with your partner, write down the most important aspect of your Big Day. Like a vision board. Stick it on to a place that you both frequent, your fridge, office space, a bathroom. Keep the sticky note as a reminder so you’ll always see your why. You both decided to get married for a reason, keep that at the forefront while planning.

Whether it’s to celebrate your love, to get together with family you haven’t seen for years (yayyy covid), or to have a unique, fun party. Strip it down to the basics. Along the way, there will be times that you feel overwhelmed, reference your sticky note and remember why you’re celebrating in the first place.  

And have FUN!!!



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