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My Side Hustle – Online Personal Shopper

February 10, 2021

Introducing my Side Hustle!!! Drum roll please….

Online Personal Shopper

It’s no secret that the wedding industry has been hit hard over the last year and will continue to be for a while still. I’m really looking forward to the weddings in 2021 and know we will see some really beautiful celebrations, however, my guess is the days of 200-300 guest weddings are on pause for a while longer. 

With the current stay home and lockdown, photographers are not allowed to work for the purpose of personal use, so for the time being that means no family portraits, no weddings, no maternity and newborn. That has been the bread and butter of my business.

Last year I rebranded and started Thurston Photo House for biz and branding,  under current guidelines, commercial shoots are still allowed while following safety measures. If you are in need of photography to promote your online biz, I’m your gal! 

This brings me to my big announcement. My side hustle which compliments my business and my personality so well! If you know me, you know I LOVE to shop. AND I’m really good at it! 

Have you been wanting to update your wardrobe? Perhaps you’re wishing for a more Hygge lifestyle with all this extra time at home. Maybe you have a bare wall that’s asking for some artwork. Or are you a bride or groom wanting to make some of those intimate details extra special but have no idea where to start? I know we are all waiting for the days to host our bubble in the backyard this summer, does your patio need a revamp? 

I know, that’s a lot of things, but trust me, I’m that good at shopping and have experience with all of it! 

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my recent Style guides. Here’s a link if you’ve missed it. This has been a little passion project I’ve been working on and it lead me to the decision to turn it into a side biz. 

Photos by Laurel Leaf Photography

I’m going to be sharing some more images of projects I’ve taken on in my own home to give you a sense of how I can help you make your house feel like home.
Anyone want to see a house tour? I’ll be sharing a house tour on Instagram soon. I have a few more things I want to finish (and clean) but stay tuned.

I will also be offering my online personal shopping services to those in need of navigating online grocery shopping. I know one of the biggest challenges with our current lockdown is staying home safely when you don’t have the ability or know how to shop online. I’m here to help!

Online shopping service fees will be calculated at 10% of subtotal for purchases over $250 and a flat fee of $25 for purchases of $250 and under. 

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