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It’s really important that we make your images authentic. The connections you make with people, your loved ones, are the foundation of your story. I want to capture those connections. Learning about your every day moments, your favourite pastimes and your bucket list dreams tell me a lot, so feel free to indulge me when you hit that contact button! You may want to know some things about me as well, as our connection plays a role in what we create together.

A few things of note.

When I was twenty I travelled to France. It was there with a cheap point and shoot camera and seven rolls of film that I started my journey into the photographic world. I attended Sheridan College, then travelled a bit, then attended Savannah College of Art and Design, then travelled a bit, holding random unrelated jobs along the way. It took some time. One day I married an incredibly supportive man and we had our first baby. Things changed. I knew what I wanted, without a question or a doubt.

It’s true, my kids are my everything, my family is where my heart is and from there I get so much inspiration and creative energy. I have created a life that will never have balance but will always have happiness, and that’s perfect by me. I gained a super power when becoming a mom, the power to push through the uncertainty and always aspire to be the best version of myself. Why would I want to be anything else when there are two little people watching my every move? I want to teach them that dreams are achievable, with a little hard work and a whole lotta want they can do anything they can think up. The road I travelled to become a photographer was a long one, an uncertain one for a while, but then with my super power it became so very clear. Capturing the smiles, the laughter, the tears, the tender moments, the connections we make with the people in our lives, all of the things, they needed to be remembered! I want to help you remember your beautiful story.

My perfect day would start with French toast in bed, snuggles and laughter with my kids before heading out on the water on my SUP board. What would make your day perfect?


~travelling Canada and the US for a summer in an airstream
~owning a sailboat to escape to on the weekends
~sailing that boat of ours down south to explore Caribbean islands and the coasts of both North and South America
~taking that honeymoon we never had in Greece
~watching my kids grow up
~skiing at Lake Louise and taking in all the majestic beauty of clear blue water and snow top mountains
~riding a gondola on the Venice canals
~photographing an elopement in Paris
~seeing the elephants roam in South Africa
~swimming (again) in the Great Barrier Reef so that my kids can share in one of the most memorable experiences of my childhood
~photographing a family in Utah
~renewing our vows somewhere awesome with an equally awesome photographer to capture it for us
~sleeping in a treehouse
~retiring in a float home so I can always be on the water
~OK, that list could go on forever, this feels like I good place to pause…

I would love to learn more about you because your story, the people you love and the little things that make you tick are what will inspire authentic images. Get in touch!

My head shots and family photos: Click Photography

Your story deserves to be told and celebrated. I'm here to make it happen. 
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