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To be surrounded by ocean or mountains would be my first choice, so Victoria is pretty much my Utopia. Last year I was hired to be the photographer for a Facebook contest that Tylenol Canada was hosting. The winner of the contest received a family session. Lucky for me, the winner was in Victoria, B.C., I’ve always wanted to visit the west coast islands so I was thrilled.
Now, I’m sorry to bombard you with photos but I just couldn’t help myself. Our first vacation as a family of four was pretty exceptional. The part I enjoyed most was getting out, walking the streets and exploring without a destination. We just let Victoria lead us. We ate amazing seafood, fed seals, watched ten transient Orca’s play about in the ocean, drove through picturesque mountains along the oceanside, enjoyed room service, swam in the hotel pool, collected rocks and had our own family photo session, all in three days! Imagine if we had a week.
Now we are home, I’m sick, and it’s time to spring clean… can we please go back?!?

Words can’t express how grateful I am to have these images, captured so beautifully by my dear friend, Chris of Click Photography. These sweet, tender moments are fleeting. Lex is seven weeks old and it feels like he was in my belly yesterday. Em just chopped her hair off to donate it and she looks like a tween. I would like to stop time for a while, if anyone knows how please let me in on the secret.
Here’s a peek at my little family. Thank you so much Chris, I love every image. xo

Yesterday marked one month. One month since my sleep was sound. One month since I went a day without puke stained clothes. One month since I was able to give my full attention to Em. One month of changing many diapers, spending hours feeding, and occasionally finding the where with all to actually leave the confines of my house. One month since the most beautiful, blue eyed baby boy came into my life and changed it forever. One month filled with thousands of kisses. One month enjoying snuggles and quiet time. One month… how quickly it goes when there’s so much to love. Thankfully I have lots of memories captured. 😉