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There's a place up ahead and I'm going – Waterloo Maternity Photographer

Theirs is a true love story with plenty of serendipity and enough twists and surprises worthy of a Hollywood Motion Picture. They grew up on the opposite ends of Ontario, both practice law and enjoy leather bound books and the smell of a rich mahogany. Both Teri and Cam will soon discover a new love in their daughter, an intoxicating love. The days of relaxing by the lake, taking a jog or vegging out watching reality t.v. will be even more cherished with the arrival of Elle Marie MacDonald. Teri and Cam call themselves foodies, so from one foodie to another, I challenge you to have your little girl eating sushi (or the like) by age two. It’s so much fun to pass on that passion for good food to our kids!

My question for the parents-to-be;
What do you want to remember about your life in this moment? How happy we are together and how excited we are to meet our daughter!

Every so often I get to experience a little piece of an intensely passionate relationship, this was one of those times. It allows me to push my photographic envelope because I can observe something that is already beautiful and create a whole picture for them to step into. I really wanted to embrace the connection and show the chemistry between Teri and Cam. Teri is the sweetest mama-to-be and definitely ready to brave the road of motherhood. Strong and confidant are two words that best describe her from first glance, as I’m sure you will see. Enjoy!

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