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Daddy's Little Girl – A Father's Day Photo Shoot

Being a dad is a pretty important job, especially to a little girl. You are the apple of her eye. The man who will always protect her. The one hug she can always count on when she’s needing a little heart warming. You will always make her feel safe from the boogy man. She’ll cherish every story you read her at bedtime. She will likely hover over your shoulder the first time you teach her how to fix a computer or cook a gourmet meal. She’ll always look for your smile in the audience of her ballet recitals. You’ll be there to pick her up when she falls off her bike or has her heart broken for the first time. You are the man that she will hold all others up to for comparison and let’s hope that’s not for a while but when it happens I know you will be there on the front porch waiting to shake his hand. And many, many years from now you may even walk her down the aisle and give her to another man who will love her equally and unconditionally as you always have. This little girl will always love her daddy, you are a pretty special man. You are the apple of her eye and mine!
I love you babe, Happy Father’s Day!

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